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Another beautiful collection from John Rocha this season, drawing inspiration from mythical warriors, fishing in the amazon, John continues to explore textures and structures and the stories they can tell. The dresses have been sculpted with dense patchwork crotchets, leather and hand tucked raffia. I love that Johns women can seem tough and serene at the same time. Abbey-Lee was perfect for the show, she is such a goddess! I think the headpieces were the perfect accompaniment as well as the chunky black rubber shoes that were quite a surprise for such a soft collection but perfect link to the inspiration.

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  1. i always love his collections and i don’t understand why he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves?

  2. Love this collection – so gutted not to get in! Fabulous photos!

  3. Lovely design of Sheer clothes! looks comfy and cool to wear!

  4. I love his work, he never fails to amaze me. Great pictures!



  5. Def one of my favourite collections of the season!

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