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Jaeger is always my favourite press day, so classic and British, I’m happy just walking around oohing and ahhing at the plush fabrics and intricate designs. This season must have been my favourite yet, with so many incredible coats in heavy wool of khaki and mustard. Jaeger is seriously well designed and always has a twist; whether its a stitched lapel or a strange eye print, there’s always something that intrigues you. 

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  1. Great shots – gorgeous, rich colours!



  2. Yay for the return of mustard! Totally swooning over some of those coats!

  3. Lovely pictures! I’m completely head-over-heels in lust with that mustard military-style coat. I can’t wait for all the lovely rich, burnt colours of the A/W collections.

  4. beautiful collection, i love the coats, it look very british as you said!
    My Fashion Bug

  5. So many lovely posts. So many lovely clothes. I want to wear all of it except the tweed boots which are a step too far for me. Great British design though. x

  6. Wow, the eye print looks interesting!

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