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I am just bombarding you guys with food posts as of late. As soon as it gets cold I just want to stuff my face and hibernate! Anyway, this is about reclaiming my weekend; usually on a Sunday I’m stuck at work dying of boredom, so it was a real treat to have lunch with two of my besties, Alexxsia and Andrew (TFD). We were still on a high from shooting the film on Saturday and we walked around Shoreditch enjoying the snow. A few friends had been raving about The Book Club on Leonard St and it didn’t disappoint; any establishment that offers free DIY bloody mary’s is alright in my book. After we polished off some heavy tradish english grub we headed over to pudding favourite, the Albion where we all shared a sticky toffee, rhubarb crumble and rice pudding. Having a little bit of everything is definitely the way to go. 

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  1. Lovely photos! xx

    The Niknok Style

  2. growl – my stomach .. haha miss u charlieeee

  3. you are making me hungry, girl!

  4. Mmm… They do delicious cocktails. There is this bake well tart one… So good! Love that you just had pudding at the Albion too! X

  5. FREE BLOODY MARYS! Take me. Now.

    I was going to say how cold weather = photos of stuffing your face, but you said it yourself. xx

  6. wow, so many nice pictues !!

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  7. wouah…de superbes photos, et je te trouve ravissante

  8. I should not have read this 1 hour before my lunch break…..I am now starving!!! Looks delish! x

  9. all the food looks soo delicious!! :)

  10. Such pretty shots!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  11. This all look so amazingly yummy.

  12. the food looks so delish!

    J x

  13. what a nice location!! Love that!



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