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HEAL 09/10

Browsing the internet in my bed this morning I stumble upon this collection by Heal.
This first collection of theirs has everything for me; structure,
softness, wearability, extraordinary.
A really divine play on the kooky with the crab claws and wings, but it doesn’t seem at all costumey.
Their website is really cute too, go onto their collections page and the tiny models will be moving back and forth like little critters on the beach to the music in the background.

“Heal, like Herv√© and Alice, the four hands laboratory to which we owe this first collection.
They talk about a knowledge we’ve lost, the organic material. But they also talk about the desire of finery, carapace, protection, reinterpreted in a playful way.
Therefore this collection doesn’t look down on the sculptural bas-relief printed on incredibly light and flowing fabrics… Always with this contrast of feelings between the structured side of the print and the arachnidan softness of the fabrics: knit, silk, cashmere, sometimes in opposition to more technical fabrics from the sportswear universe. Contrast of the sophisticated and the casual, for the day and for the evening, still with the usual easiness required. A hybrid collection like this print of a giant crawfish which seems to embrace a woman’s size between its claws. Like it would leave an invisible scar.”

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  1. Beautiful collection. I love all the detailing.

  2. Wow, absolutely stunning, imaginative clothes. The pictures are gorgeous.

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