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Wearing: Charlie May SS13 shirt dress, Zara trousers, Chloe sandals, jewellery courtesy of Backstage.

London is so beautiful right now, with blossom trees lining every street. I will never get tired of the hundreds of petals on my instagram every day, so thought it was about time I bring this spring feeling onto the web. Wearing the silk georgette shirt dress from my SS13 collection (available to buy here) and some new Zara jeans that will stay white, if I can help it. 

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  1. These are pretty Charlie. I’m guessing you have a new lens? or new body?

    1. Or something called a Sandra

    2. Nope, same old 50mm 1.4 and 5D

      1. Ahhh the 5D.
        See, I’m great at spotting something ‘new’ in photography.

        p.s I’m such a great detective-ish….hehe.

  2. Great outfit!!

    Kisses Anne

  3. I kid. Confused instagram information. Camille was with sandra the other day, not you (or were you!?!) – DO YOU have a new lens then? these are so beautiful, and I didn’t even think to wear that shirtdress with white jeans, it’s soo good.

    1. Haw haw you’re confusing things again, Shini! It was Camille not me, although I said a very similar thing on her post too.
      This was just the usual me dragging David out the hole to shoot for me. The light was definitely on our side though!

      1. The 5D photos are so incredible, why do I spend all my money on clothessssss (and food)??

  4. the setting is so pretty!


  5. I bet you’ve spilled gravy on them already!

    1. Gravy? More like red wine.

  6. you look so beautiful, i love the second picture of you, it looks something out of a lookbook! and yeah, i love all the blossom trees, i keep driving past so many thinking “oooh can take an outfit pic there or there” xx

  7. These photos are so gorgeous. I can’t stop looking at them!

  8. So fresh and beautiful! Love all white + nude x

  9. dying over the jewellry and the heels!!


  10. Charlie, this outfit is simple perfection.

  11. those pictures are beautiful, what a nice light!

  12. Such beautiful photos! Spring is my favourite time of year.. it’s hard to be pessimistic when petals are falling all around you.. sigh!

    P.s. Those ARE the ROC sunglasses I’m giving away. Thanks for entering!

    x Sharday

    Shardette Blog

  13. Beautiful pictures. All the petals look so precious.

  14. In love this post Charlie! Your gold jewellery with the blossom looks amazing!

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