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 Anneliese Hatt – Nottingham Trent University
Such incredible detail in Anneliese’s collection, it was dark, haunting, romantic; I am mesmerised. 
Ash Kabir – Liverpool University
A collection that put a smile on my face; Ash opened Liverpool’s show and immediately had my attention. It feels so unique and unlike any other collection, which almost hard to do at graduate fashion week.
 Hayley Walker – Liverpool University
Such beautiful tailoring, I want to wear every single piece! I’m such a sucker for straps and ties. The pinstripe drape dress with the open back is my favourite, on such a beautiful model too.
Wonjee Chung – Nottingham Trent
The photos from the rest of this collection didn’t turn out well on my camera which is a shame, but it didn’t fail me when it came to the amazing shoe detail.
From the few shows I got to see at Graduate Fashion Week, these were my favourite. It’s always inspiring to see young graduates coming out into the world, being born.

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  1. I’m in LOVE with the first collection. And even though it’s only a tiny part of the whole outfit, the picture of the rust coloured piece is my favourite. The draping is incredible, and I have no idea what the tan straps are but I want one anyway!

  2. wauw new talents on his way. specially love the collection of anneliese hatt.

    xo lovee


  3. wow, very interesting, my favorite has to be the second one… love colors!
    My Fashion Bug

  4. What do they have in their mouthes? It is distracting me from the beautiful clothes.

  5. Amaazing collections! I really love the result, those students are really talented!

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