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Wearing: Gold collar, M&S sleeveless shirt, A.F. Vandevorst skirt, Acne shoes
Yesterday Lex came home with an amazing surprise for me – this gold collar! The designer is unknown, which is a shame, but it’s perfect and just what I’ve been looking for. My heart has been set since seeing this gold collar by Stella Mccartney on vanilla scented. THE perfect accessory right now. If anyone recognises this collar please let me know, it has no markings or anything so I have no idea who it’s by.
Photos by Alexxsia

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  1. Glad you like it ;) it’s actually much more similar to the Stella one than I thought, coolz x

  2. Delicious, darlings. xx

  3. wuff wuff

  4. Looks gorgeous. They make me feel vaguely claustrophobic but they do look great. x

  5. LUSH!
    Love the all white outfit too.

    J X

  6. lovely outfit and your are looking super pretty!


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