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Gareth Pugh

It’s so beautiful when you get to see a designer flourish throughout his career. Thinking about when Pugh came onto the scene in 2005; a scruffy adolescent with some very in-your-face designs, to A/W 2010.
This collection is slick, stylish and sleek. The beautiful drape of the trousers against the harsh structured leather (how incredible are all the leather pieces!?), the grey swooshing coat with frayed edge and the meswear – Man skirts have never looked so beautiful. I’m not even sure if anyone has attempted a longer pleatier man skirt…
It makes him look as if he is effortlessly gliding along, like a ghost.
The colour palette of black and grey is spot on as always, and the styling by Katie Shillingford is really quite lovely.
What a way to start Paris Fashion Week!

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