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Frock Me

Freja models the most incredible selection of couture gowns for Vogue Italia back in 2008.
These pictures just blow me away, I think Freja is my all time favourite model. The photos being in black and white gives the dresses such elegance and beauty.
Vogue Italia March 2008
Photographed by Paolo Roversi
Model: Freja Beha Erichsen
Source: fashion gone rogue

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  1. oh my goshums, that 4th shot has flown straight into my ‘inspiration’ file. I agree about freja aswell, there’s something masculine about her that makes her so unique. maria carla still steals my heart forever! and your blog comments are equally charming in my eyes. was a mighty shame I didnt get to see you at wonky wonk, but be sure to mail me about your upcoming fashion show. hopefully we can chin waggle properly soon. oh, and im moving to london in august now for the carolyn massey work, yikes! xxx

  2. wow.. these r awesome…what would i do to get my hands on atleast one of these fab pieces!!


    follow if u like what u see?


  3. I adore the distant chic in these shots. A modern time diva in action. Thanks for the inspirational blast!

  4. Um…WOW! Those gowns are amazing. I totally missed this spread, thanks for sharing!


  5. Oh frock these ARE fab!

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