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After spending the day with friends discussing how some things are so bad they’re good, this seemed too perfect.
Backstage photos by Saga Sig


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  1. Cute!!

  2. Well this is pretty weird isn’t it! Like it though =)

    Hannah xx

  3. wow!thanks fro the comment you are fast !
    you posted another super post!
    it’s weird i agree but i like it a lot!

  4. holy hair! that’s crazy. x


  5. i like! :) especially the pony. i need one!

  6. so tacky yet in the end looks so good.cool blog,i’m foollowng hope you follow back x

  7. hes such a crazy genius

  8. It’s almost grotesque but the candy colours and poodle heads make it endearing.

  9. love this photos :)
    xoxo from Italy


  10. “Everybody has to acquire taste for himself. You don’t learn taste from someone else, you don’t learn it through communication. You only acquire taste through your own experience.” -Clement Greenburg

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