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1. J.W. Anderson S/S 11, 2. Pamela Love A/W11, 3. Mary Katranzou A/W 11, 4. Andy Lifschutz
Gold Digger
 Dazed & Confused
April 2011
Photographer: Anthony Maule
Stylist: Robbie Spencer
Model: Andrej Pejic

I remember having a grow your own crystals set when I was a child; I’m getting the urge to flip through the Argos catalogue and see if there’s something similar around today. I still don’t know how those J.W. Anderson shoes escaped my magpie radar. You can buy them online now but they will set you back a little under two grand. I’m almost tempted to make my own, as soon as I track down that set..

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  1. I have a grow your own crystals set in Devon which I’d happily give you, but your urge to nurture a small sparkly garden may falter in the wait. So here’s one for a measly pound!


    Paiz X

  2. Amazing!! Hee hee thankyou!

  3. haha… that’s a great idea… growing your own. :)


    (p.s. thanks for the nice comment on my other blog! i feel spoiled.)

  4. Charity shop hunt for a grow your own crystals set starts now. I really want to DIY those shoes.

  5. Thanks for your comment, I really love your blog!! Crystals get me every time ha


  6. Mum, when I grow up I want to be a diamond!

  7. Mum, when I grow up I want to be a diamond!

  8. LOVE this! Great great post!


  9. Love the crystal shoes. I saw a crystal making kit in John Lewis today actually when I was looking for a present for my brother!xx

  10. these are cool xx

    Haute and Fierce

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