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 Wearing: Aquascutum shirt, Acne shorts, Miu Miu sunglasses, MFP bracelet and Dominic Jones rings

I’ve been experimenting with more and more manicure variations of the DIY I posted last week. Absolutely in love with this one! Nude undercoat with black spiked tips. Almost gives the illusion of claws!

I painted the nails nude first, then cut triangles out of masking tape, this time putting them further down the nail, towards the end, then painted over with black. Remove when dry and add top coat. 

In the mean time I’ve been working on my SS13 collection, so excited for fashion week in less than a month now! I also got myself a bicycle to zip around the city in. Took it out for it’s first ride to the flower market yesterday! 
Thanks to Nathan and Kit for the photos! 

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  1. Amazing rings.



  2. Love them!

  3. The nails look amazing! So excited to hear that you got yourself a bike lady! xx

  4. your nails look awesome but I am more drawn to those rings! <3

    Francesca xo

  5. Oh wow, you look amazing, but you inspire me with your nails! I’m going to do same <3

  6. I love it when someone wears a simple outfit, and then you notice their nails/rings and you automatically grab their hands and go OMG!!! THATS FABULOUS!

    Nora Finds

  7. Nicely done. I’m so impressed you did this yourself. I have a Calgel appointment next week and your look has inspired me.

  8. still loving your nails, also, you really do look great in the first pic!! When I saw you just texting I thought this is a perfect candid shot, take it!! haha

    xx nathan.niche

  9. Love the claws! Wish we had real ones though :(

  10. Amazing rings!! Great nail air combination!



  11. love the fact, that not only i paint my nails with masking tape haha

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