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 Some pictures from the CK ONE X MTV PUSH party on Thursday night.
Favourite part of the night had to be Alice Dellal’s set, SO much fun. That mixed with an open bar and great company equals the best night ever! Least favourite part of the night was the virtual cube breaking due an electrical fault. I was so looking forward to stripping down to my ckones and doing a Lara Stone. Thank you to MTV and Calvin Klein for hosting such a fun night!
Pictures of me pinched from Frances’ blog

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  1. Bummer man… stripping down to our ckone’s together would have been top notch. It’s probably for the best though… I am sure I would have embarrassed myself if I had gotten into that box.

    Love these photos. You are such a babe. xx

  2. OMG I look mentallllll haha!

    Soo much fun, shame we didn’t get into the box :(


  3. Oooh, superglossy hair!

  4. looked like a lot of fun!

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  5. Wow the shots are so crisp and I love the shot of Jen emitting some strange light-aura hahaha.

    Awww I miss my girlies.

  6. I like your outfit; so cool! looks like fun, I wish I was invited to parties like that !

  7. insane!!!

  8. love it !

  9. Great party!

  10. thats platform princess right? :)
    that statue reminds me of lady gaga

    BLEURGH & Xisses

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