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So last week I had a Style Crusader in my studio, I stole her round to use her as my temporary mannequin as my tailors dummy is still being made, and might not even be here until the collection is finished – oh dear.
Here’s just a little sneak peak of whats going on, this first few images being from my graduate portfolio, not current inspiration but this collection is a continuation; more of a rebellion against having to have so much paperwork to accompany my inspiration. It’s more free this time around. I wish I could show you guys everything every step of the way but I’m playing my cards close to my chest with this one.
I’m planning on doing a presentation in London a couple of days before fashion week starts. SO much to do before then but I am quietly confident that it will all turn out good. I will be looking for interns too so drop me an email, although i’ll put out a more formal post soon about that.
All photos by Jen, see her amazing post here.

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  1. soooo amazing. i can’t wait to see it all!!

  2. howexciting :)

  3. all of this looks and sounds so exciting!
    i’m so curious, and i’ll keep my fingers crossed.


  4. This is all so exciting. All the luck in the world. X

  5. love the leather at the top. and I so know what you mean about paperwork and inspiration. hope it’s going well :) if u need a hand this month I can be free for a few days.xxx

  6. So excited to see the final collection – if I can, I’d love to attend the presentation :) xx

  7. That is really unfortunate that I’m in the US because an internship opportunity like that only comes once in a life time. :(

  8. great to see were you get your inspiration from!!

    xo lovee


  9. ‘citing… x

  10. I love these photos. Good luck with everything, I can’t wait to see your collection come together.

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