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Wearing: Helmut Lang shirt, Alexander Wang tank, Topshop dress, Urban Outfitters boots, Thomas Tait cuff bracelet, Helmut Lang handcuff, Dominic Jones beetle ring.
A relaxing brunch at the Hoxton Grill with a friend I hadn’t seen in too long was the perfect way to spend last Sunday. So much to catch up on and chat about. I’ve been working so hard I’ve hardly had any time to blog let alone take pictures. London Fashion Week will be over in just a few weeks and then I’ll be going to Paris! Lots of pictures then, I promise.

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  1. Beautiful shirt !! And amazing pictures !!

  2. great pics!
    love the ring (:

  3. I lvo eht outfit and cool pics!!


  4. Love your beetle ring- looks like the perfect spot for a lazy Sunday brunch too!

  5. I love the shoes and the spider ring!

    They are very nice!


  6. brunch looks lovely. I’ve managed to nab a london fashion week ticket. the countdown is on.

    Helen, X

  7. Really love all the posts you offer! I am so looking forward to seeing more like them…..

  8. Beautiful images, love that ring!

  9. your blog is awesome
    love it! great pics!

  10. Great photos, i love the ring! x

  11. Love your ring!!!



  12. I have an obsession with beetles so I am loving your ring. I need one!

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