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Bleaching of the eyebrows has been a big thing since 2009, sparked by Givenchy bringing out their renowned A/W 09 campaign -one of my favourites; featuring striking lips, dark eyes and bleached eyebrows. Now, two of my favourite blogging ladies, Josefin and Alexxsia, have decided to lose their brows. I know it’s not for everyone, but I’m so happy seeing it on real women and not just super models. It definitely brings out the features, leaving the face looking bold, beautiful and striking. I haven’t seen the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo yet, but Rooney Mara looks pretty smoking hot with bleached brows too; maybe this will spark a big comeback for 2012.

I’ll leave you with this insanely hilarious must read from the Daily Mail dating back to 2009, where they photoshop Daniel Radcliffe’s face, leaving him looking like an evil super villain keen to seek revenge on who ever stole his eyebrows.

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  1. OH GOSH. This is definitely a look I am sure I shall never sport ( at least not in the next 10 years)! haha and totally agree on daniel radcliffe’s brow less face!

    take a little peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag


  2. Oh the first photo is amazing!^^ Grey and red…<3 <3 <3 Perfect combination!^^

  3. They both look absolutely gorgeous. The bravery of going for it has definitely paid off! x

  4. I’m more into the thicker eye brow trend (without it looking unnatural) but on those girl the thin/ bleached eyebrows look amazing. another plus for the bleached ones – you can colour them in any colour you want with eye shadow!

  5. I think Lex would have look better if she dyed her hair platinum blonde to compliment her bleached brows and evil elvish stares :P

  6. Ever since the Givenchy campaign I’ve been dyinggg to bleach my eyebrows, but I’m so pale that I’d just end up looking like an alien.

  7. Beautiful blog! Are all the photographs your own? They’re stunning!



  8. man, Josefin looks amazing! what´s wrong with evil super villains!?

  9. Leah – Thanks, yes they are! Mostly anyway ;) Glad you love the blog x

  10. LOVE AESTHETICS – There’s nothing wrong with being an evil super villain – Disney’s Maleficent is an all time fave. It just doesn’t suit goody two shoes Daniel Radcliffe, haha!

  11. The link you included is HILARIOUS. I just laughed out loud in the airport terminal!

    Bleached brows looks so fierce and somewhat alien… in a bad way on the celebrities but in a very good way on these two ladies. Seriously love it. xx

  12. Let’s make Lexxi dye her hairrrrrrrrr

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