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 Wearing: Ann Demeulemeester dress and buckle boots, Vintage trousers, ASOS cuff bracelet.
First outfit of my Antwerp trip. The weather was so blisteringly hot, perfect for wearing my favourite white Ann D dress, bought from the last stocksales. Seriously can’t wait for this week.
Photos by Alexxsia

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  1. Aah im ridiculously excited! 2 more dayss. I love this dress and these photos lexxi took are amazing xx

  2. Love this look! The Ann D dress is amazing and the shoes are to die for. Love that ASOS cuff as well!

  3. pretty in white.

  4. Beautiful! I absolutely adore those white shoes:D So glad you liked the pictures!!

    Come participate in my giveaway and win a pair of TOMS shoes!

    Love Despite color

  5. I still want your shoes. Can I steal them please?


  6. wow i love it when an outfit in a monotone color does not look dull. it is so hard to do, but you have nailed it. the different textures and fabrics make it so interesting. i am completely into the boots, i have seen them on the internet in black, but i love them in white because it is more suitable for spring. BTW i love love the setting, the white fence looks smashing with your outfit, picture perfect

  7. your outfit looks so divine i like it.

  8. i wan that shoes so bad it looks great


  9. wow, beautiful textures. there is so much to look at despite the whiteness of it, yet the light colors make it look refreshing

  10. your outfit looks so amazing, i liked it.

  11. your outfit looks so amazing, i liked it.

  12. your shoes just made me die i love it.

  13. lovely

  14. SO into all white right now, and love this look. Great teamwork: between you and Lexxi, great model, location, photographer, clothes, and stylists.

    So funny about Antwerp: was talking with husband today about it: we’ve got to go there. Beautiful post.

  15. Cuffs! have made a come back! I gave all mine away about two years ago!!! Love yours.

  16. wow so innovative!




  17. wow what an amazing outfit. those shoes are to die for in white.
    really like your blog, i’m definitely a follower, check mine out and follow! :)


    steph xo

  18. I absolutely love this outfit! All the white is so cool! Those shoes…too perfect.
    Have a great day!

  19. these boots are amazing ^^ ah, and thank you for your comment.feel free and follow us


  20. you have a very personal style, love how you mix volumes, you’re definitely not like the others! keep like this!! :)

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