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Wearing: Limi Feu jacket, Charlie May dress, Jil Sander trousers, Atalanta Weller shoes

Outfit from my third day at London Fashion Week. My obsession with texture leads me to layer the same colour over each other, although this colour is black it’s so hard to take a good picture. I wish you could take pictures with your eyes sometimes.

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  1. I love the lines of this outfit. Simple and refined. Moreover I’m totally in love with those shoes, they sound so japanese, like geishas’ shoes!

  2. Beautiful menswear inspired look. Those Weller shoes… magnificent. If only photos could be taken with our eyes, that would be life changing.

    Aesthetic Solar Falcon

  3. beautiful as always
    there is something so classic about this look, but something bringing it to the next level.
    relaly digging it!!

  4. Beauuuuutiful shoes!

  5. your my goddess. face

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