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Thank you to Middlesex University for inviting me to their first year fashion show. I do find it a little bit mad that they even have a fashion show in their first year BA, but it totally prepares you by the time you’ve done it three years in a row. Some of my favourite details are pictured above, each outfit was by a different designer.

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  1. So much talent! I love it.

  2. Erm I was meant to attend the show but ended up in Hackney chillin with Michelle, Jen and Danielle hahaha.
    Photos are great ;P

  3. Mmh. First year fashion shows…interesting. I can see some talent emerging here.

  4. Really cool that you got the chance to go to this Charlie and that you are able to give exposure to the event on your blog!

    Ooops… feel bad that I persuaded Kit to stay with me in a pub instead of going to this! Didn’t realize what it was or that you were going! hehe… xx

  5. Haha! Kit, your name was on the seat opposite me and Jen you are pure evil. Those poor students missing out on publicity just for you pub time.

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  7. Aah, exciting!!

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