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Wearing: Ray Ban sunglasses, Ann Demeulemeester top, Haider Ackermann trousers, Ann Demeulemeester flatforms.
Sitting outside Bath Spa yesterday before the UWE fashion show, another little birthday treat. 
This is the weird top i’ve been talking about on twitter, bought on eBay I was not expecting the texture when it came through in the post. It feels almost like it’s wet, oily and sticky! Feels wrong but looks right, Ann’s never afraid to try anything.
Loving these little sunglasses I got from the Sunglass Hut party too!

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  1. I loved Bath, really really loved it. And noting your tote, I could get obsessive about canvas bags right now.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  2. beautiful outfit!

    the story about the texture of your top reminds me of the ann d tank dress i recently bought after going back and forth… it’s made of viscose and felt really weird and cheap when i tried it on the first time. but after trying to find anything similar (shape-wise), i realized that it is the texture of the fabric that makes the whole thing look so cool.

  3. Lovely outfit

    Anna, xxx

  4. love the entire outfit. simple and perfect. the sunnies are my favorite :) hope you had an amazing birthday!

  5. I was wondering what the “oily” top looked like. Love those shoes, btw, they’re killer.

  6. LOVE this. And those sunglasses look smoking on you! x

  7. Your sunglasses colection is insane <3.

    See you at the farm lover! ;)

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