Backstage Louise Goldin SS10

I wish I had taken my proper camera backstage at Louise Goldin, the truth is it was so hectic backstage that I wouldn’t have had a moment to get it out of my bag anyway! Luckily my phone was on hand so I got some quick snaps.
Having worked the entire night before the show doing last minute alterations and model fittings, the energy backstage definitely seemed even more insane, there was even more last minute hand sewing, pinning and shoe fixing (Those studs just wouldn’t stay on!) The models were amazing, how they put up with it having clothes ripped off and on them constantly I have no idea.
The show itself was beautiful. The contrast of St Tropez suntans, long blonde hair extensions and pastel colours with the pointy nipple bras, studded stilettos and heavy metal music made the show a complete Louise Goldin experience.

Louise doing some last minute adjustments


Before the show
Pastels awaiting studding
These shoes are so insane! I love them!
Hand sewing the Sworovski on Baroque top

I was quite dissapointed that there haven’t been any of the usual detail pics on style or because as we know with Louise Goldin it’s all in the detail. V and Dazed captured the collection backstage beautifully, the colours, crystals and the studded shoe beauties!
Backstage from V
Sworovski crystals mesh leggings

I had the best time working at Louise Goldin EVER! My favourite part of the internship was not only being able to work alongside Louise but also Panos Yiapanis, he is a genius and I may have even fallen in love with him a little bit. Panos truly understands Louise’s vision and they make a unbeatable team.
Sad to be leaving London and going back to Bristol, but I have my own collection to make!

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