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Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen in the September issue of Marie Claire

These images are so stunning! Here is a snippet from the article

“I think you’re either born with a sense of style or you’re not,” Ashley says in her small, soft voice, “Either you care or you don’t. And we”—she and Mary-Kate—”love fashion. When we were going to NYU, I think that was the first time we were aware of the power of our personal style. Not the power of it, but the result of it. Between the big sunglasses and the Starbucks cup and the big sweaters, the hobo-chic thing, we were more shocked than anything”—by the endless commentary and tabloid coverage. “I get it; we were fortunate enough to have really nice clothes, and we put them together in this raggedy way. My mom wears glasses this big”—she mimes massive goggles—”from the ’70s, and you wonder where we got it from?” She laughs. “The dark eyeliner, the scarf around the head—it’s just so interesting and natural.” Her family, she says, was “very bohemian.”

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