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Antique Clockwork

In my confusion of actually getting the weekend off (what a shock!), I spent the day being truly lazy and just staying in bed and browsing online. My current obsession at the moment is really strange vintage jewelery and that’s when I came across Londons Gate on etsy. Their items are made from old watch parts so each item is truly unique. By my surprise the items are really fairly priced too!
Hmmmm, now I just have to decide which one I would like to buy…

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  1. These are amazing! i love them, really different x

  2. wow these are so cool!!!


  3. Wow these are so cool.

  4. wow, this stuff is incredible.

  5. wow that is some strange jewellery there. what did you decide on xoxoxox

  6. So nice! I like!

    Nice blog.

  7. those are SO cool.

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