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100 Abandoned houses was started by Kevin Bauman, he’s been photographing abandoned houses in his hometown of Detroit since the 1990’s. I’ve always found abandoned buildings to be creepy, adventurous and even a little bit depressing, and my curiosity has grown since living next to an abandoned aids hospital in London, which has since been knocked down to build flats. It’s amazing reading Kevin’s profile on Detroit; whilst the ‘rebirth’ of the city is happening in Brush Park, where the entertainment industry is booming, 135 square miles of the city lies largely ignored; people and families attempting to live amongst the abandoned buildings that have largely been taken over by packs of wild dogs or piles of garbage. The images are hauntingly beautiful, like they are screaming out to tell their story. Neighbourhoods that were once wealthy now lay untouched, rotting and peeling until someone puts them to rest.


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  1. 1. You should shoot your next loobook here, a different look in front of each house!

    2. What’s happened in Detroit is so awful. My mum did an exchange with a school there when I was a teenager and she said the poverty was just unbelievable. And the gangs were so scary – everyone had to go through a police metal detector to go into the school and every day they caught kids with knives and guns :(

  2. elles sont superbes ces photos

  3. i think detroit is unfortunately the right place to take these pictures! i believe that the city suffers a lot from the economical crisis. this is so so so the united states of america!

  4. i love how u posted photography other than fashion, u know, erm.. just to change it up a bit, nice breath of fresh air
    these pics are quite inspiring and thanks for introducing kevin bauman to me. u cud use these as mood settings or inspirations for ur new collection.
    as i scroll through these, i cudnt help but wonder how nice shooting a garment or outfit would look within the interior of some of these buildings (obvious whilst being certain these weak structures dont crumble on u) lol

    xx nathan.niche


  5. Oh my, the first photo is quite creepy and I looove it! Poor houses..

  6. This post is so inspirational!<3


  7. There is something beautiful about the decrepitude but, gosh, it’s awful too. Torn. x

  8. Very interesting post, there’s something very attractive and mysterious about an abandon house they look great on photographs too! They seems like they have a lot of stories to tell :)

    Hope you may pass by my blog I’ve just made a new post “Hello Neon!”

  9. Great post – I always love these photographs because of how much they capture that’s never been said. Sadly though I don’t think these “ruin porn” images help the image of Detroit at all. People just see these images and think that’s all there is here, yes its true but there’s still life and a growing sense of regrowth. I wish that got captured just as much as the falling down buildings.

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